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In the News

Oakland Film Center Rolling on Old Army Base, by Richard Selna, San Francisco Chronicle, July 29, 2009...more>>>

Cine Source, April 2009...

Oakland Mom's Devotion Captured on Film, by Angela Hill,
Oakland Tribune, May 29, 2007...more>>

Former Oakland City Jail Stars in Movie, by Laura Casey,
Oakland Tribune, February 26, 2006...more>>

New Film Industry springs up in East Bay - 23 Firms operate out of Oakland Warehouse, by Cecily Burt,
Oakland Tribune, October 2, 2005...more>>

Cities See Themselves in the Movies, by Eric Lai,
East Bay Business Times, September 25, 2005...more>>

At Toronto Film Festival, 'Bee Season' gives Richard Gere plenty to buzz about Oakland, by Ruthe Stein,
San Francisco Chronicle, September 15, 2005...more>>

The Buzz on the Bee Season, by Peter Crooks,
Diablo Magazine, September 2005...more>>

Leah Garchik -- excerpt
San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 2005...more>>

Proposal by Wayans brothers a boon to Oakland,
Oakland Tribune, June 16, 2005...more>>

Committee Approves Wayans Brothers Project,
KTVU, June 15, 2005...more>>

Wayans inspiring 'hope' in Oakland -- City Council committee enthusiastically endorses brothers' plans for movie studio at ex-Army base,
by Heather MacDonald
Oakland Tribune, June 16, 2005...more>>

Wayans brothers get panel's OK for film studio, theme park
City Council still must approve plan for old Army base,

by Jim Herron Zamora
San Francisco Chronicle, June 15, 2005...more>>

Wayans seek to build studio at Oakland base
Hollywood Reporter, June 15, 2005...more>>

Wayans hopes for Two Snaps from Oakland,
by Cecily Burt
Oakland Tribune, (June 8, 2005)...more>>

Hollywood North?
, Will Harper
East Bay Express, (June 8, 2005)...more>>

Candid Camera, Vera H-C Chan
Oakland Magazine, (May/June 2005)...more>>

See 'Star Wars III' early - for a price, by Barry Caine
Oakland Tribune, (April 25, 2005)...more>>>

Alameda: The New Hollywood
Alameda Sun, (April 21, 2005)...more>>

Spicing things up in the East Bay Oakland abuzz as Bollywood actress Rai, Hollywood actor McDermott bring Fremont woman's book to the big screen,
by Henry K. Lee
San Francisco Chronicle, (March 21, 2005)...more>>

'Darwin Awards' director has a blast filming stories about really stupid behavior,
by Jane Ganahl
San Francisco Chronicle, (February 8, 2005)...more>>

Filmed in the 510,
by Julie Rath
Diablo Magazine, (January 2005)...more>>

Film Production industry comes into focus,
by John W. Ellis IV
East Bay Business Times, (December 17, 2004)..more>>

Oakland Film Center an incubator, by John W. Ellis IV
East Bay Business Times, (December 20, 2004)..more>>

Don't Miss Film Festivals-Oakland Hosts Plenty of Worthy Options,
by Lincoln Spector
Oakland Magazine, (December 2004)..more>>

See a free movie under the stars ... If they show it, people will come,
by Barry Caine
Oakland Tribune, (July 12, 2004)...more>>

Oakland: Free Outdoor Movies Playing in Old Town,
by Rick DelVecchio
San Francisco Chronicle, (June 18, 2004)...more>>

Indy Street - Summer Outdoor Series
, by Jonathan Kiefer
East Bay Express, (June 16, 2004)...more>>

Lights, Camera, Oakland,
by Eric Young
San Francisco Business Times, (April 16, 2004)...more>>

Stars turn out for latest shoot in the hills,
by By Mike Adamick
Contra Costa Times, (February 24, 2004)...more>>

Oakland's Reel World,
by Adrianne Bee
San Francisco State University Alumni Magazine (Fall/Winter 2003)...more>>

Bay Area film community's a cooperative lot -
Letters to the Datebook Editor, by Film Coordinator Ami Zins
San Francisco Chronicle (January 13, 2004)...more>>

GONE EAST - As filmmaking wanes in San Francisco, Oakland steps in as a competing location,
by Pam Grady
San Francisco Chronicle (November 16, 2003)
As a center of film production, San Francisco...more>>

Sean Penn filming in Oakland Attracts Few
, by Elvira Viveros
Oakland Tribune (June 18, 2003)
Trailers parked in downtown Oakland this week...more>>

Oakland a groovy location for Penn's '70s film 'Nixon'
, by Ruthe Stein, Carla Meyer
San Francisco Chronicle (May 9, 2003)
Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Don Cheadle are due there Monday to make 'The Assassination of Richard Nixon'...more>>

Mega-sequel, Mega Troubles., 'Reloaded' shot partly in the Bay Area, faced tragedies,
by Hugh Hart
San Francisco Chronicle (May 11, 2003)
"It was like going on the Crusades", says Joel Silver..more>>

She helps making movies in Oakland,
by Barry Caine
Oakland Tribune (April 14, 2003)
Ami Zins remembers the nights her phone rang...more>>

Oakland is one of stars of T.V. Pilot, Danny Glover plays lead in cop drama,
by Chip Johnson
San Francisco Chronicle
(March 3, 2003)
Finally a chance to tell the story of the other city by the bay...more>>

Danny Glover show to be filmed here,
by Ali Fard
Oakland Tribune (February 24, 2003)
The drama will be about an ex-Oakland cop turned private eye and might run on CBS...more>>

Swing-Era Movie being Shot in City
, by Erin Breznikar
Oakland Tribune (November 22, 2002)
Lights, camera, action and more action for unnamed alley...more>>

Filmmakers appear to love Oakland
, by Erin Breznikar
Oakland Tribune (August 19, 2002)
City's economy gets nearly $4.1 million in 2002 from movies, commercials... more>>

Lights Camera Oakland, by Kara Platoni
East Bay Express (September 26, 2001)
Film Commissioner Ami Zins makes sure that for visiting filmmakers, Oakland is set... more>>

Blow to Filmmaking, by Bob Graham
San Francisco Chronicle (October 23, 2001)
Terrorist attacks have slowed local production, but travel fears could benefit the Bay Area... more>>

Oakland: You Ought to be in Pictures, by Corey Lyons
Montclarion (November 9, 1999)
There are times when Ami Zins' mind whirl like a washing machine.
And who could blame her... more>>

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